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Provides Residential Home Electrician Services with the Same Care and Expertise, We Would if You Were Our Friends and Family.

We are devoted to meeting the electrical contracting needs of residential, commercial and industrial accounts through seasoned, licensed electricians that place safety. Bock Electric is committed to providing the industry’s best service and ensuring electrical solutions which are safe, accurate, innovative and cost efficient.

Leaders in Business Standards

Leaders in Business Standards

Comprehensive Workmanship Warranty

Comprehensive Workmanship Warranty

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New Construction

We install new service upgrades by permit.

Rewiring Services

We Rewire receptacles to meet Z wire code Rule and Install New grounds as required.

Electrical Repair Services

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Electrical Repair

We install commercial/Industrial 3 pare circuit panels and breakers to machines.

Generators Installation

Generator Installations | Generator Troubleshooting, Service and Repair.

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement

Is Your Illinois Electrical Panel Safe ?

The electrical panel is the heart of your house or commercial business electrical unit, and this makes it critical that you make sure your Circuit panel is in the best shape. If there is something wrong with your panel, it is an immediate safety hazard.

Do you know if your panel is safe ? If you have any ideas about having an outdated electric panel, you should have this checked out Today. In the case of breaker panels, it is much better to be safe than sorry. At Bock Electric, Our electricians are trained to handle all of your electrical panel issues If you have any problems with your panel, you can trust us to diagnose them correctly and to do what is best for you. Unfortunately, faulty panels have been installed in houses all across the country. Many of these panels have been recalled because of the severity and quantity of problems that have resulted from these panels.

If you have any concern regarding your panel, give us a call. We will give you a free quote to make sure that your house is safe and sound.

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