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Bock Electric is a full-service residential electrical contractor in Rockford, IL, known for reliability, safety, and ingenuity in electrical installations since 1987. After 35 years, we press on and continue to proudly serve Rockford residential, commercial, and industrial communities, bringing the trust and professionalism customers deserve from their local electrical contractor. Bock Electric provides a wide range of electrical services, including service upgrades, troubleshooting, electrical panel installs, complete rewiring, electrical safety inspections, new construction, remodeling projects, electric vehicle car charging stations, and smart home integration. When you choose to work with Bock Electric, you will not be disappointed.

1) 40+ yrs. Experience in the Industry
2) Leaders in Industry Standards
3) Commitment to Exceptional Service
4) Dedicated Technical Staff
5) Comprehensive Workmanship Warranty

Electrical Code Compliance’s

Bock Electric can help you get the electrical system in your Rockford office or home up to current standards. An inspector may notice electrical problems when inspecting your Rockford home or business. These violations can pose a risk to the home and building residents, so they should be addressed immediately.

Smart Homes

You can learn how to control the temperature of your home using the Lutron App from any location.

General Contracting

Our electrical services are tailored to the needs of our customers and their budgets. Customers appreciate our honesty, openness, and transparency in construction. We offer self-performing low voltage and electrical construction as well as quality general contracting.

Underground Conduit Installations

We can install and relocate underground electrical utilities to your house or
business. We can also install conduits of different sizes for private sub-feeds and gate entry systems, and any other electrical needs. We have a great understanding of the technical requirements of commercial kitchens. Through years of experience, We can build, and maintain and design the whole electrical panel system, including lighting controls, power installation, audio systems, and low voltage cabling.

Our Methodology We are here to help you, whether you need support, communication, or protection for your business. Bock Electric Contractors business has provided electrical solutions to Rockford businesses and builders for more than 30 years. Our electricians and electrical services are 100% guaranteed to satisfy the job you need to be done.

Our electrical experts offer a wide range of electrical services in Rockford, including the design, installation, maintenance, control, security, and emergency system design for residential, commercial, and industrial electric power. All Rockford residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are provided with our licensed electricians’ most advanced technology and electrical solutions.

Our mission is to offer high-quality service, prompt completion of jobs, affordable rates, and complete customer satisfaction. Bock Electric is the right choice for reliable electricians who will deliver on time and within budget.

The residential electrical services we offer include:

1) Electrical troubleshooting
2) Complete Rewiring
3) Panel Installations
4) Service Upgrades
5) Dedicated Circuits
6) Whole House Surge Protection
7) Complete electrical for renovations, remodeling, and new construction.
8) Lighting Systems
9) Smart Home Systems and Automation
10) Electrical Safety Inspections
11) Code Violations Corrected
12) Recessed Lighting
13) EV (Electric Vehicle) Chargers
14) Low voltage wiring
15) 24 Hour Emergency Service

Full Range of Services

1) Commercial & Industrial
2) Residential
3) Medical Facilities
4) Retail Stores
5) Bars & Restaurants
6) Data Communications
7) General Contracting
8) Energy Efficiency

Free Home Electrical Safety Inspection

1) Main electrical panel
2) Smoke detectors
3) Electrical grounding
4) GFI protection
5) Electrical surge protection

BOCK Electric

1) Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
2) 100% guaranteed work
3) Fully licensed, insured & bonded
4) 24-hour emergency service
5) Free estimates
6) Senior citizen discount
7) Financing options

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Electrical Services Guaranteed 100%

Our electricians continue to learn new electrical skills, with ongoing training ensuring that all residential and commercial clients in Rockford, IL, can save money. We are providing cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions. We also offer guaranteed unmatched service.

Electric Wiring

Bad electrical house wiring can cause damage to appliances and electrical systems. Outdated electrical codes for home wiring can cause unacceptable voltage fluctuations and power distortions, hindering the performance of electric equipment in today’s highly technological environment. BOCK Electric can help you find the right solution for your electrical needs, in Rockford no matter how hard or simple they may be.


We are committed to finding innovative solutions and are skilled in troubleshooting. We have the tools and experience to solve any electrical problem your home or business might have. We are located in Rockford, and we stand behind the quality of both our work and the electrical repairs we do.

Electrical Services Guaranteed 100% | Main Electrical System/Power Distribution

BOCK Electric is a specialist in power distribution systems for clients. Our best electricians have the expertise and equipment to service and install your power distribution wiring, meter outlets, risers, switch gears, and power backup systems.

Electrical Services Guaranteed 100% | Smart Home Systems & Automation

Your new home is more than just a place to live.  It is your haven from the world and a place for you and your family to relax, entertain friends, and possibly even the place you work from. It is essential that your home can be flexible enough to meet all future needs. Home Automation excels in this area. You can create moods, whether dramatic, romantic, or practical, with just a click. It has incredible entertainment and home office networking benefits. With just one click of a button, it can take care of security and irrigation. Each system has its unique advantages. The two approaches can be combined to create a stunning lifestyle and unprecedented convenience in a home.

Electric Safety Inspections

For our customers looking to purchase a home or property, we can provide complete electrical safety reports in Rockford. This service is highly recommended to save time, money, and possible disappointment later. We will inspect your property and make recommendations if necessary. We will inspect the entire electrical system of your Rockford property and will share our home electrical inspection report with you as well as any long-term recommendations.

Code violation Corrections

To ensure safety, electrical codes are required. Any electrical code must be in place to prevent electrical fires and promote electrical system operation. Rockford’s neighboring municipalities and the City of Rockford are becoming more aggressive in prosecuting Rockford property owners who violate building codes. To ensure that your electrical system meets the standards of the Rockford Electrical Code, our electricians will conduct an inspection.

We can also upgrade electrical work if we find anything that is not up to code. To ensure that electrical installations meet the minimum safety standards, an electrical inspection must be performed. Review of all main switch gears, distribution boards, and sub-panels. All electrical connections should be inspected during service. Inspect both the primary and secondary rounding systems. Check for corrosion issues that could arise from poor connections or the use of different metals. We can assist you in rectifying violations on single-family, multi-family, and commercial buildings. BOCK Electric’s many years of experience as an electrical contractor licensed in Rockford helps correct code violations cost-effectively.

Surge Protection

Protect your business and home from dangerous surges Electrical surges can be sudden, unexpected surges in voltages that travel through your electrical system. Bock Electric can place surge suppressors on your electrical panel to protect all electronics and appliances from dangerous surges. Bock Electric can help you decide which option is best for your home/business.

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