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home rewiringOur electrical company in Rockford, IL, works with a range of industry-leading options for choosing the one that better suits your needs. If you require an electrical panel replacement, we’ve got you covered! Installation, LED lighting, or just want to upgrade to home automation; once we have completed our work, our team will be glad to provide you with the best recommendations and advice so that you can keep your home features in the best possible top condition for years to come!

Home Rewiring

Bock Electrical Services is Rockford & Belvidere, IL’s premier electrical service team. Our professional and prompt staff can quickly diagnose the problem and make any necessary repairs. We offer a range of residential services, including whole-home rewiring. This complicated task can take much time, especially if you choose the wrong service team. Contact us to get the best electrical rewiring services!

Signs You Need Home Wiring

A malfunctioning or old electrical system can not only be frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. Bock Electrical Services should be contacted immediately if you notice that your wiring is starting to fail. These are the most frequent signs you might need to have your home wired.

The Wiring of Your Home is Decades Old

An average residential electrical system can last well over 20 years. Wiring older than 30-40 years may need to be upgraded. The wiring in your home will become less reliable as it ages. An electrical safety inspection is the best way to determine if your home’s wiring is in working order. Our professionals will inspect your wiring and panel during this inspection. If the condition is poor, they will recommend repairs and electrical rewiring.

Burning Smell and Discolored Outlets

You may have a serious wiring problem if you constantly smell something burning. This is often accompanied by discolored light switches and outlets. These fixtures can be damaged by arcing between wires that are not in the right place. This could indicate a severe problem. This is particularly true if multiple outlets are affected.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights are one of the most obvious signs of a problem with the wiring. Flickering lights are a sign of a wiring problem. While homes can experience occasional power surges that cause flickering, this should not be a common occurrence. A home with damaged wiring may experience frequent power interruptions that cause lights to dim or brighten without any obvious reason.

Although it may seem easy to ignore an annoying issue, you could be at risk of an electrical fire. To determine if you require rewiring of repairs or home rewiring, it is a good idea to schedule an inspection.

Constant Circuit Breaker Trips

The circuit breaker in your home is designed to protect you from dangerous overloads. It should not trip constantly. It should not constantly trip, as this could indicate a problem with the wiring in your home. Old wiring can cause excess electricity to be generated, leading to the breaker tripping. BOCK Electrical Services can help you reset your circuit breakers if you are constantly doing so. We’ll diagnose the problem and start working on your home rewiring project.

The Benefits of Electrical Wiring

The best thing about having your home rewired with Bock Electrical Services is that you’ll have a reliable and safe electrical network. We will remove all old and obsolete wiring. All these problems will be eliminated, and you can enjoy your electrical appliances.

There are other benefits to home rewiring. A new wiring system can help protect your home against damage from an electrical fire. Old wiring can be dangerous, and home insurance companies may not pay for damages to your home. BOCK Electrical Services is licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your home’s wiring is up-to-code. If you move to a new house, modern wiring can increase the resale price. This work can be advertised to potential buyers and home inspection teams. It is a significant investment, but it will pay off for many years.

Home Rewiring Near Me

At Bock Electrical Services, we always put our customers first. We offer flexible financing options for major repairs, such as electrical rewiring. This allows you the freedom to get the service that you want at a cost you can afford.

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