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Electrical Services in Rockford, IL

Do Not Wait to Call 815-544-2000 for Electrical Repairs or Services When it comes to residential electrical issues, a homeowner in Rockford cannot afford to take chances. If electrical service repairs are not invested in right away, serious problems may arise. Take some time to call the professionals at Bock Electric in Rockford to help. Having knowledge and Being informed of the warning signs of a problem are the best ways to handle any issue that may arise. Every technician who works for BOCK ELECTRIC is highly trained, insured, and exceptionally skilled. A 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on all electrical repair work done by BOCK ELECTRIC. When customers need electrical installation, repairs, Panel Services, or maintenance, they know that with BOCK ELECTRIC, all they need to do is make a phone call at 815-544-2000, and BOCK ELECTRIC takes care of the rest.

Rockford, IL Electrical Services

Many homeowners don't realize that electrical service is one of the most complex and skill-intensive home maintenance tasks. An electrical job that is done poorly can lead to your home being unsafe. It's not hard for any homeowner to sympathize with the need to find an experienced and qualified electrician to repair or replace their old electrical system or something as simple as a blown fuse. BOCK ELECTRIC only hires the best and most trustworthy electricians. Every electrician has been background checked and drug tested as required by law. Each was hired based upon their exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication to customer service.

New Homes: Electrical Services

A homeowner should get their electrical system inspected when they have recently bought a home. BOCK ELECTRIC Electrical Services recommends that any homeowner considering purchasing a home in Rockford should have an electrical inspection to ensure the wiring in your home is up to code and safe. Even if the house is older, an electrician can still inspect it because it wasn't built to meet current owners' needs. BOCK ELECTRIC Electrical Services can provide all services needed to satisfy the homeowner's requirements, whether the home is older and needs an upgrade of its entire system or safety upgrades.

Get the best Electrical Services, Best Installation, Repair and Maintenance Anywhere

BOCK ELECTRIC's goal is to provide every homeowner with not only the best, most dependable electrical service, but every home is left safer than when BOCK ELECTRIC arrives. An electrician will conduct a safety inspection and notify you of any potential dangers. BOCK ELECTRIC promises that we work so every homeowner will be satisfied with the job they do. We do every kind of electrical service, including installation, repair, troubleshooting, and replacement. BOCK ELECTRIC offers unparalleled customer service for all clients.

Timely and within budget

BOCK ELECTRIC Electrical Services was founded on the quality of service and the guarantee for straightforward prices. BOCK ELECTRIC Electrical Services commits to keep its appointments with homeowners. BOCK ELECTRIC Electrical Services is unlike any other electric service company a homeowner has ever dealt with. BOCK ELECTRIC Electrical Services will fix any problem a homeowner has with their service. This is a guarantee that BOCK ELECTRIC will honor.

Rockford, IL Electrical Outlet Installation Services

Electricity is essential to your home's functionality for almost everything we do every day. . It powers your fridge, TV, lights, tablets, and other devices. Without the right outlets, electricity is almost useless. In just a few years, technology and usage have changed dramatically. Even older homes or homes in Rockford that are less than ten years old may not have the right outlets to meet their household's needs.

What is new in electrical outlet installation?

No matter how old or new your Rockford home is, you can benefit from a few electrical service upgrades to your outlets. Outlets have seen many improvements since the days of two-pronged designs. To get an idea of the various types of outlets you have, you can look at the following.

GFCI Outlets

This outlet prevents you from getting electrocuted if water gets into it. It is required in bathrooms, kitchens, and any other places near ater. Although they look similar to regular outlets, two buttons can be used for resetting the outlet if it trips. You should hire an electrician to replace any outlet located within six feet of a water source. This will help protect your family against accidental electrical shocks.

AFCI Outlets

This outlet prevents you from getting electrocuted if water is introduced to the outlet. It is required in bathrooms, kitchens, and any other area near the water. Although they look similar to regular outlets, two buttons can be used for resetting the outlet if it trips. It is smart to have an electrician nearby replace any electrical panel outlets located within 6 feet from a water source. This will help protect your family against accidental electric shocks.

USB Outlets

Many devices use a USB cord for power. However, they cannot use traditional outlets without an adapter. This isn't very pleasant for many reasons. Today, outlets are available that can integrate multiple USB ports. This eliminates the need to have an adapter. The USB outlets come with either two standard ports or two USB ports. They can also have four USB ports without any standard ports. It all depends on your family's needs and the locations where outlets are needed. You can have a technician help you identify key areas.

20A Outlets

Some devices require more power than the standard outlet can supply. For appliances that require high levels of energy, 20A outlets are often found in kitchens and laundry rooms. These outlets are similar to regular outlets but have a small opening on the left side that lets you know they're 20A outlets.

Floor Outlets

There are many options for floor outlets, and they come in many trendy designs. Modern homes are increasingly using open floor plans. Although visually appealing, open floor plans can result in a loss of outlets. You can place floor outlets in any location you need to plug in your devices.

Specialty Outlets

There are so many outlets that can be used for any application. By locking out any objects that are not precisely in line with the outlet's specifications, tamper-resistant outlets protect children. 360-degree outlets permit plugs to be plugged into at any angle. Pop-up outlets are designed to be placed on a counter or desktop and can be hidden when not in use. However, they can easily pop up to reveal multiple outlets. Recessed outlets enable flatscreen TV's to hug the wall thanks to the way the plug is recessed into an outlet. Surge protection outlets protect expensive electronics from the damaging effects of surges in your house.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets can be controlled by voice commands or apps from devices plugged in. It is easy to turn devices on or off, and homeowners can also set a schedule for automated lighting. You can program exterior or interior lights to turn on and off at specific times when you aren't home. This makes it appear that you are there to stop thieves from entering your house. This can be done to reduce your energy costs and improve the efficiency of the outlet. Although smart outlets are more expensive than regular outlets, their benefits and use are numerous.

For electrical outlet changes, call an electrician

An electrician should inspect any outlet that isn't working correctly or has visible burn marks. To avoid danger, people who are not familiar with electrical work should have their trusted electrician inspect it. Call 815-544-2000.

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