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Rockford’s Most Trusted Company for Electrical Services

Rockford’s Most Trusted Company for Electrical ServicesOur electrical company in Rockford, IL, works with various industry-leading options for choosing the one for your needs. If you want an electrical panel replacement, installation, LED lighting, or just want to upgrade to home automation in Rockford, we’ve got you covered! Once we have completed our service work, our electrician will be glad to provide you with the best recommendations and advice so that you can keep your home features in the best possible top condition for years to come!

Bock Electrical Services Offers the Best Installation, Repair and Maintenance Anywhere

Electrical services are not about convenience. Many homeowners don’t realize that electrical service is one of the most challenging and skill-intensive home maintenance tasks. An electrical job that is done poorly can lead to your home being unsafe. A home that has been done right can last for many years. It is crucial to have someone highly skilled and experienced in electrical work in your home. Bock Electrical Services offers customers the only thing they want when choosing an electrician: peace of mind in a job done well. This comes from the trust and confidence that BOCK strives to instill in each job.

Electrical Services

It’s not difficult for any homeowner to get a qualified electrician when their electrical system is in trouble. It doesn’t matter if the problem is serious, like an old electrical system or something as simple as a blown a fuse. It can be challenging to find someone trustworthy and willing to help as soon as possible after a call, and sometimes it can be a real pain. Everyone knows it is important to have all the electrical services available, but it doesn’t make sense to pay for it if it’s unsafe. Our goal to make every homeowner’s home safer is its number one priority. An electrician will conduct a safety assessment and notify you. We promise that every homeowner will be satisfied with the job they do.

Get the best

Bock Electrical Services can provide every kind of electrical service, including installation, repair, troubleshooting, and replacement. Bock offers unparalleled customer service for all clients. Bock Electrical Services only hires the best and most trustworthy electricians. Every electrician has been background checked and drug tested as required by law, and each was hired based upon their exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication to customer service. Our technicians could be described as “mini–Electrical Services” since they embody everything the company stands for.

Electrical Services

We have a full range of installation options whether you require a residential or commercial electrician in Rockford.

Panel Changes

We offer panel upgrades in Rockford and new panel installation so that you can say goodbye to older wiring.


We can replace outdated wiring, open walls, run new wires, and connect all switches.

LED Upgrades

Change your traditional light bulbs to a more efficient and brighter energy source that will save you money.

Smart Home Automation

We can provide you with a convenient way to connect all your appliances so that you can have peace of mind.

Service Upgrades

We can install a panel with adequate amperage for your Rockford home according to your daily needs.

Electrical Services for New Homes

A homeowner should take care of the quality of their electrical system when they have recently bought a home. Bock Electrical Services recommends that any homeowner considering purchasing a home should have an electrical inspection. This will ensure that the wiring in your home is up to code and safe. Even if the house is not new but has been renovated, an electrical inspection should be done to ensure that the wiring complies with the new home’s needs. Even if the home is older, an electrician could still inspect it because it wasn’t built to meet the current owners’ needs. Bock Electrical Services can provide all services needed to satisfy the homeowner’s requirements, whether the home is older and needs an upgrade of its entire system or safety upgrades.

Timely and within budget

Bock Electrical Services was founded on the quality of service and the guarantee for straightforward prices. Bock Electrical Services commits to keep its appointments with homeowners. Because Bock Electrical Service is comprised of professionals and professionals, they work in the same way. Bock Electrical Services is unlike any other electric service company a homeowner has ever dealt with. Bock Electrical Services will fix any problem a homeowner has with their service. This is a guarantee that we will honor.

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