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Electrical Water Damage Guidelines

It can be very different between a home or a business that has been flooded for days and one that has got water damage, even though it is not as severe, from a roof leak or gutter failure. Although electrical wiring is considered well-insulated, it can still cause damage to wires in your house or business. This could also lead to a violation of local fire safety codes.

It is well-known that electricity and water don’t mix. The extent of damage these primal elements can cause can vary depending on how much water was used, the time that the components were exposed to the elements, the type and complexity of the wiring, and many other factors. It may surprise you that guidelines exist that outline and define the effects of water damage on electrical wiring.

Is it possible to permanently damage electrical wiring by exposing it to water?

Water damage can always cause permanent damage to electrical wires n Rockford IL, homes, and offices, and it’s not always the water that causes permanent damage. Keep in mind that floodwater is not always pure and clean water. Flood waters caused by natural disasters like storm surges or sewer backups can often contain a wide range of contaminants. These contaminants can include:

  1. Gas
  2. Oil for vehicles
  3. Farm runoff chemicals
  4. Material biological
  5. Excess sediment & Silt
  6. Medical waste
  7. Effluent water and other forms of wastewater

While the water is undoubtedly potentially harmful, the main concern with flooding is that it might be more destructive to the wiring and building than ever.

Is it necessary to test electrical wiring after water damage?

You should ensure that an electrician has properly tested all wiring and appliances after a flood or other water-related event. In the aftermath of a storm natural disaster, it can be tempting to plug everything in and turn them back on immediately. You might do more harm than good. You could also risk your newly dried-out house or office from a severe fire.

A professional licensed electrician is a best and most sensible way to conduct an electrical test. They are highly skilled and experienced professionals that can perform a range of tests to determine the extent and condition of your electrical wiring.

Even if your property’s wiring passes all safety tests, it is possible to replace the wiring, outlets, and other electrical appliances. Even if your wiring is performing at a safe level after flooding, corrosion can still occur. Many homeowners’ insurance and commercial property policies require wiring replacement after flooding.

After an inspection, the licensed electrician can help you understand what to do next to keep your house or office safe and within fire code regulations.

Is it necessary to replace wiring after a roof leak?

Roof leaks in Belvidere IL or gutter problems can damage your wiring. This is especially true if you have older residential wiring susceptible to loose connections or minor arching incidents at outlets and fixtures. After drying out, it is best to have an electrician inspect any water-affected areas. It’s a good idea to have an electrician inspect the area before you start any remodeling.

Are Electrical Appliances at Risk from Water Damage?

Water can cause serious damage to many electrical appliances. This is especially true if the appliance was plugged into it and the circuit was active when the water entered. The appliance may still work after it has dried, but there are high chances of corrosion and damage to the components.

It is possible that the appliance works for a few days, weeks, or even months after drying out. However, it might fail again and start smoking, short-circuit, or an electric fire later. It is a good idea for all electrical appliances, light fixtures, and associated outlets to be inspected by a licensed electrician.

If you are unsure, it is possible to replace the electrical appliance after water damage. This might be covered by homeowners’ insurance, flood insurance, and commercial property insurance.

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Is there a way to reduce the risk of damaged wiring from flooding?

There are some things that you can do to reduce flood damage to your wiring if you live in an area that is low-lying or near water bodies that are prone to flooding. You should start by waterproofing the area and ensuring you have sufficient flood insurance.

You should also consider raising the height of electrical fixtures and outlets. This simple process involves drilling new holes in the drywall and installing a receptacle box. After this, you will need to patch any gaps created by removing the old electrical boxes. The new electrical wires are then run to the new location and connected.

This is a procedure that licensed electricians should only ever do. You can’t attempt major electrical re-configurations on your own, and if it leads to an electrical fire, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover it.

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