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Electrician Circuit Panel Repair Services Rockford

Circuit Panel EquipmentSave Money with Expert Rockford Electricians Circuit Panel Repairs | Call (815)-544-2000. Bock Electric offers expert Residential Electrical Circuit Board panel repair – replacement services. You can call today for a free evaluation and repair quote.

Residential Commercial Industrial Circuit Panel | Electrical Repair Services Rockford

Fast, Reliable Repairs for Rockford Customers

Are you in a jam and need a fast electronic repair service for your damaged circuit panel equipment? Bock Electric takes your need for fast, reliable service to heart. You may have a manufacturing line down and people yelling for help with production… it’s costing everyone time and money and causing unnecessary stress.

Industries Serviced


  1. Automotive
  2. Beverage Industry
  3. Chemical Manufacturing and Processing
  4. Communication
  5. Construction
  6. Cosmetic/Personal Care
  7. Defense
  8. Food Processing
  9. Machine Tools
  10. Manufacturing
  11. Material Handling
  12. Medical
  13. Oil Drilling
  14. Packaging and Conveying Industry
  15. Paper Mfg.
  16. Petrochemical
  17. Pharmaceutical
  18. Printing
  19. Publishing
  20. Sporting Goods
  21. Stamping
  22. Tool & Die
  23. Warehouse and Distribution
  24. Welding


  1. Automation
  2. Barcode / Auto ID
  3. CNC
  4. Drives, AC, DC, VFD
  5. Electrical Controls
  6. Electrical Power Distribution
  7. Legacy Systems
  8. Motion Control
  9. Pick And Place
  10. PLC
  11. Pneumatic Control
  12. RFID
  13. Safety
  14. SCADA
  15. Sensors
  16. Spindle Drive
  17. Spindle Motors
  18. Vision Systems

Remanufacturing, Reconditioning, and Testing of Circuit panel equipment

We employ engineering and technical staff to repair, remanufacture, and recondition electrical circuit panel boards and equipment according to industry and OEM standards.

  1. Circuit Breakers
  2. Change gear
  3. Motor Controls and Contactors
  4. Load Break Switches
  5. Protective Relays
  6. Power Transformers
  7. Renew and Replace Parts
  8. Electric Equipment Shelters
  9. Remote Racking and Switching Systems

We offer a variety of repair, reconditioning, and remanufacturing services depending on the equipment requirements of our customers. Remanufacturing includes:

  1. Disassembly and visual evaluation.
  2. Component replacement or repair.
  3. Testing before and after.
  4. The remanufacturing procedure and all the standard maintenance procedures required by the OEM.

When you have AC TECHNOLOGY repair problems, our expert customer service representatives will help you solve them with workable, economical solutions – even if yours is time sensitive We also provide documentation regarding test results and equipment performance once the remanufacturing has been completed. This will ensure that your equipment performs better or better than when it was first assembled.

Inspect is a detailed examination of the equipment to determine what steps must be taken to restore it to safe operation. Expert technicians can perform a full diagnosis and recommend repairs or replacement parts. Depending on the customer’s needs, they may also follow up with a
Reconditioning or Remanufacture service.

Reconditioned equipment is partially disassembled to ensure that there are no mechanical/electrical issues, cleaned and lubricated, and restored as necessary to ensure that the equipment is free of defects that affect its primary function. Reconditioning equipment for cosmetic defects that do not impact operation is not possible. Equipment that has been reconditioned will continue to perform as expected throughout its remaining service life.

Remanufactured equipment is fully disassembled to ensure that there are no mechanical/electrical issues, cleaned and lubricated, and fully restored. Surfaces are re-plated or repainted, and worn or defective components are replaced. Equipment that has been remanufactured will last for at least twice as long and be returned in like-new condition. Each service includes full documentation of the equipment’s performance and test results.

Vacuum Interrupter Predictive Test Service with MAC–TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Test Unit

Circuit Breaker Sales) are a necessary service provided by Bock Electric. Proud to offer Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) field testing and shop testing services for customers. This allows them to quantify the remaining life of medium-voltage circuit protection device vacuum interrupters. Before MAC testing, technicians could only determine if a vacuum interrupter passed or failed by using a HiPot.

The Penning discharge principle is the basis of MAC testing. This principle states that if a high voltage is applied to open contact structures in a gas, and the contact structure surrounds by a magnetic field, then the current flow (ion) between the plates will be affected by the gas pressure, applied voltage, magnetic field strength, and MAC testing.

How HI Pot Testing Can Make Vacuum Interrupters Look Bad

A vacuum interrupter’s internal pressure can drop to the point where it cannot pass a HI Pot test. This phenomenon can be caused by a high voltage. The vacuum interrupter then becomes ionized, which breaks down the gas molecules into charged particles, electrons, and ions. These charged particles will recombine into gas molecules as soon as the high voltage has been removed. Under certain conditions, charged particles can “stick” to the vacuum interrupter’s inner surfaces, which reduces the number of gas molecules within.

The pressure drops when the number of gas molecules decreases. The pressure drop is temporary and depends on many factors. However, it could cause a vacuum interrupter to have its internal pressure fall enough to pass the HI Pot test. The pressure will eventually drop to an unacceptable level as the remaining charged particles recombine. The vacuum interrupter will not pass the HiPot test again after this recombination.

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