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Residential Electrical Services

Stay on Track with Emergency Electrical Service from Bock Electric

When the power goes out in your home, everything stops. Get your daily routine or home office back on track with quick response service from the reliable electricians at Bock Electric. From the lamps that light your home after dark to the microwave that heats your food quickly to the TV that you kick back and relax with after a long day, your electrical service works hard for your family.

Our electricians are all certified, well-trained, and committed to integrity and quality. We service the following areas:

Rockford Poplar Grove
Belvidere Loves Park
Cherry Valley And the surrounding areas

High-Quality Electric Wiring Service

For many home and business owners, finishing and comprehension wiring projects can be complicated and beyond their comfort zone. It's also messy, labor-intensive, and if done by an individual with no experience, might lead to harm and might endanger your property’s safety. Possessing a certified professional for wiring service implies you could rest assured knowing that wiring projects are completed to the maximum standard. Here at Bock Electric Services we're experts with respect to electrical wiring projects. If you own a house or a business near Rockford IL. phone us right away if you're in need of electrical wiring services. CALL – (815)-544-2000

Quality Wiring Services

Our highly-qualified electrician will assist you analyze and diagnose electrical problems in your home and determine a solution. We help you decide the best options with respect to cleaning your home, including upgrading service panels, adding new circuits and wiring, organizing and conducting phone and data lines, or remove tube or aluminum wiring. Our team will do the hard work of running and replacing cables, as well as testing connections. With our impeccable electric wiring assistance, you know your electrical wiring is in the hands of professionals.

State Compliance and Strict Safety Approaches

We make sure our electrical wiring service is up to code and our work guaranteed to pass all inspections. From fresh wiring to replacements or upgrades, we'll ensure that the job is compliant with state standards. With a team of technicians, we'll complete the electrical wiring job on time or sooner. We do our job quickly, however, we take strict security precautions to make sure your house and our workers are always safe. Our workers are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Impeccable Electric Repair Service

Electrical Repair Service: Do you have an electrical emergency which requires technician that is reliable and a pro ? Well, look no further because you found at Bock Electric Services. We provide comprehensive electrical repair service in Rockford IL and we're only a telephone call away. As well as our impeccable repair services, reliable maintenance services are also offered by us. Our licensed technicians can manage all your electrical needs if you're a home or business owner.


Once your electrical system shows signs of failure, it's imperative that you've the problem fixed right away because if you don’t, it might lead to further harm to your system and at the same time, might lead to a fire. With our repair support that is reliable, you can be sure all issues on your electrical system and devices will probably be fixed in no time in any way. From issues like broken wire to major repairs, nothing is too big for us to manage. Our expert technicians will come to your home equipped with the equipment and tools needed for the job. We are going to make sure that is fixed. CALL (815)-544-2000

Reliable and Quick Repairs

Once your electrical system shows signs of failure, it's imperative that you get the problem fixed right away because if you don’t, it may cause further damage to your system and at the exact same time, may cause a fire. With our repair service that is reliable, you can be sure all issues in your electrical system and apparatus will be fixed in no time at all. From issues like damaged wire to major repairs, nothing is too big for us to handle. Our skilled technicians will come to your home equipped with the equipment and tools required for the job. We are going to ensure that the issue is fixed right away.

System Inspection

The electrical issue could be caused by several factors. That’s once we've discovered the problem, we'll check other electrical devices to ensure they're in working order. Ever since your electrical system is connected to sources and devices, it's essential that crucial parts are inspected for any harm and issues. Part of our professional repair service is making sure your electrical system is working effectively following the repairs have been done because we don’t want our great reputation to suffer.

Fast and Reliable electrical Installations

Bock Electric Services, provides professional electrical installations to clients living in the Rockford Illinois region. We have access to the most recent technology in light, distribution systems, wiring, cable containment, and panel systems. In addition, we make sure we follow state rules with regards to installing electrical systems. Why trust us to install or upgrade your electrical systems ?

Installation Options

Not only do we return to your home and install or replace systems, we would like to ensure we provide the best choices for you. As an expert contractor, we provide you with an electrical system following the installation is done. We achieve this by inspecting your house and gathering info like power requirements, the number of appliances, Heating and air conditioning system requirements, and even more. As a reliable electrical installation’s provider, we'll ensure that the installation is a success.

Reliable Staff and High-Quality Tools

With regards to electrical installations in the region, nobody does it better than people. We use industry standard equipment and materials to make sure your electrical system will be working efficiently for many years to come. What we don’t want is an inefficient system which breaks down easily and will cause your power bill to skyrocket. Our electricians will install electrical wiring and devices in your home and use only components and parts made by reputable manufacturers. In addition, we aim to get the job done on time or earlier so that you might enjoy the commodity a brand-new electrical system has in almost no time at all.

Bock Electric can customize your home's outlets and electric to fit your needs and usage.

We can customize your home to meet your family’s needs, whether you live in an old home that needs rewiring, a service upgrade, or some electrical repair, or you live in a brand-new home that needs a new system put in place. There are so many options to customize your home including USB outlets and outlets set at custom heights specifically for your needs and electronics.

Hide all your wires and cords by working with Bock Electric to plan out your outlets and electrical needs and protect your home from surges and faulty equipment. Bock Electric can customize your home’s outlets and electric to fit your needs and usage.

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Make your home energy-efficient and prepared for disasters with residential electrical service from Bock Electric.

To keep your family from experiencing unexpected electrical downtime in the event of a storm or disaster, we can install a standby generator for your home to keep your essentials from losing power. There are a variety of generator options, call to speak with one of our electrical technicians to discuss which option best fits your needs.

Keep costs low and downtime short by preparing early for natural disasters and weather issues. Whether you need a portable generator or a permanent one, our expert electricians can install your generator and train you on how to use it correctly. But don't worry, we provide certified service if you ever need it.

Upgrading your electrical service will save you significantly on your electric costs.

electrical wiring bock electric

Bock electric offers advice, service, and installation

Breaker Panels New Circuits Kitchen & Basement Remodels Dedicated Circuits
Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools Backup Generators Replacing Faulty Electrical Equipment A Solution Within Your Budget
Service and Support on Older Equipment Recessed Can / LED Retrofits Install Transfer Switches for Portable Generators

Keep your business running even when others lose power by installing a standby generator that is setup to turn on automatically when you lose electricity, ensuring that your key systems stay operational. Weather and other unavoidable circumstances can seriously derail your business' productivity. Our electricians can help get your systems up and running quickly.

Bock's certified and well-trained electrical technicians offer quality repair on:

  Panels Appliance Circuits Breakers Downed Power Lines
Storm Damage Generators Lighting systems Circuits and Breakers

Don’t get left out in the dark. Get a generator and electrical repair when you need it from Bock electric.

If you're searching for a professional which will install or replace your electrical system, look no further.

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