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Weather and Energy Usage

Weather and Energy UsageThe relationship between weather and energy use is a constant cycle, and energy use will change depending on whether temperatures rise or fall. As temperatures drop, so will your energy use. We are a leading provider of complete residential and commercial electrical services. We understand how vital weather can be when it comes to energy usage. We have put together a bit of information to help you understand how different weather conditions can increase your energy consumption and how you can minimize it. Learn more about five common electrical problems that could occur in any season.

How does weather affect energy usage? Seasonal weather conditions can significantly impact temperature and humidity, which in turn has a significant impact on energy consumption. These conditions have the most significant impact on energy usage:

Extreme heat summer heat can make it very uncomfortable for any commercial or residential building. Air conditioners and cooling fans will be used more frequently as temperatures rise, and this increase in usage correlates directly with an increase in energy consumption and demand. You can reduce energy consumption in extreme heat by setting your air conditioner to auto and setting your thermostat to 18 degrees Celsius or higher when you’re not at home. This will reduce consumption and lower energy costs, but it won’t compromise comfort.

Cold winter and autumn cold temperatures can cause discomfort and put additional strain on the power grids. These times are more likely to see wind, snow, or ice, increasing the likelihood of power line failures and grid problems. Many homeowners and workers use heaters to maintain their comfort. Winter’s most common energy sources are baseboard, portable, and strip heaters. These units can be avoided by adequately ensuring your commercial or residential building with insulation and sealing all windows. Remember to turn the units off when nobody is present in the room.

Extreme humidity in the air can make it seem warmer than it is. Many people lower their thermostats or use portable air conditioners to keep the temperature down. This device consumes a lot of energy, so you must track how often it is used. You can use a portable dehumidifier or ceiling fan to maintain comfort and save energy.

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