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What’s an Electrical Lighting IC Rating For

Modern lighting has come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. There are a lot of terminologies that come with every major advancement in fixture design and lightbulb engineering. This will help you make sure that your home has the proper lighting.

If you’re looking to upgrade or update your home lighting in Rockford IL, the IC Rating is a key term. This is especially important for recessed lights. It also helps to ensure that your light fixture wiring conforms with fire codes. This can be an issue in homeowners’ insurance policies.

What is an IC Rating for Residential Lights?

Home residential lighting is referred to as “IC,” which stands for insulation contact. The IC rating refers to the insulation rating of a particular light fixture that the manufacturer determined.

It is important to remember that many light fixtures produce heat. Some produce more heat than others. A light fixture without an IC rating is at greater risk of fire. Sometimes, the risk could be so high that your home’s lighting may fail to pass a home inspection. Your homeowner’s policy may not cover fire damage caused by non-IC-rated light bulbs.

Where can I find the IC rating for my lights?

You can find the IC rating of a light fixture by looking at the label inside the institution. Many IC-rated light bulbs have the letters “IC” in their model numbers, and Non-IC rated lights usually say “NON-IC”.

The label should tell you how much power the fixture can handle. You should not exceed this rating as it can cause damage to the fixture and the wiring that supplies the light, and this could also lead to an electrical fire. It is always a good idea to use bulbs within the wattage rating listed on the label of an IC- or non-IC-rated light fixture.

How is Recessed Lighting’s IIC Rated?

Recessed lights must be rated for their IC rating because they are directly installed into ceilings. Your local fire codes might require this rating, and it will be reviewed during a thorough inspection of your home. When determining a light fixture’s IC rating, there are a few factors to consider. The primary factor is the space between the light fixture and the insulation, and this insulation is primarily made of fiberglass or cellulose.

Two layers of metal casing encapsulating the light fixture create the highest IC ratings. A pocket or air separates each layer. This engineering feature diffuses the heat generated by the light. This feature is common in light fixtures. The outer layer of the metal doesn’t heat to dangerous levels.

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Are Surface Lights Require an IC Rating?

While recessed lighting must be IC-rated for safety, many standard hanging lights are not. Because they are not in direct contact with insulation or any other potentially combustible materials, this is why recessed lights need to be IC-rated. A safety bonus is a light fixture with an IC rating and a wattage recommendation that’s strictly adhered to. Whether planning a major renovation or updating your home’s lighting, in Belvidere, IL recessed lighting must have an IC rating. It is essential to have an IC rating for recessed lights before you purchase or install them.

How can I tell if my Recessed Lights are IC Rated?

You can verify the IC rating of recessed light fixtures you have in your home if you don’t know. You must climb up into your attic to check for label stickers or other markings on the attic side. Getting into some attics might not seem easy, but it is worth the peace of mind. You can also uninstall the recessed lighting from the room interior if this is not an option. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Turn off the light and turn off the circuit breaker.
  • Step 2: Place the ladder carefully under a recessed lamp.
  • Step 3: Go up the ladder to remove the bulb.
  • Step 4: Secure the bulb and inspect the housing.

A serial number should include an IC or an IC/AT code. The IC indicates “Insulation Contact” and AT for “Airtight.” However, the light may not be IC-rated if there are holes, slits, or other manufactured openings within the recessed light housing.

Insulating around IC-Rated Recessed Lighting

You will need to ensure that your lighting meets local building codes if you are planning to remodel. To comply with local fire and building codes, it is necessary to replace any non-IC-rated lighting if you find that they are not IC-rated. Your insulation may also need to be added with loose-fill insulation to ensure it matches the rest of your attic insulation.

How Much Does it Cost to Install IC-Rated Recessed Lighting?

Professional electricians are recommended if you find that your current recessed lighting is not IC-rated, or you wish to install them in a new location as part of a remodel project. It ensures everything is correctly installed and compliant with local fire codes.

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